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how to repair or replace your doors

The doors in your house take quite a beating each day. From temperamental teenagers slamming the doors behind them in a fit of rage to toddlers whacking the doors with their toy dinosaurs trying to gain access to the princess hidden in the castle inside. Are your doors in need of a few repairs, or are you looking to replace the doors with new ones? Either way, you will receive some helpful advice about how to proceed by visiting my site. Having raised 5 kids of my own, I have learned a lot about making household repairs on things like the doors and have put together a resource list to help others looking to make some repairs of their own.

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Got A New Handicap Door? Tips On Buying A Swing Door Opener To Go With It

If you are purchasing a new handicapped door, you also need to purchase a door opener to go along with it. There are a variety of openers available, which can make it difficult to choose. To help, below is some information about one type of door opener that would work great for you, the swing opener. You can then get your new handicapped door installed and operational.

Swing Opener

You must make sure the swing opener you purchase is compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. You can install a push button or a wall switch or open the door with a card reader if you want to have more security.

You can purchase a kit that converts a manual door into a handicapped door. This will only work with certain types of doors, however. If you are interested in this, the company you purchase the kit from can tell you if it will work well for you.

There are also handicapped doors that are motion activated so you would not have to use any kind of wall switch or card reader to open the door. This is beneficial for someone in a wheelchair, or that cannot use their arms well.

Mounting the Opener

You have the choice to mount the door opener on the door, or you can install it on the door jamb above the door. What you choose will depend on the direction your door opens. For example, if the mount is on the jamb, it will push the door open, and if the mount is on the door, it will pull the door open.

The opener must always be inside your building or home when the door is closed, so it is protected from the weather.

The mount you choose will also depend on how much clearance the door has. This is because each mounting requires a minimum clearance when the door is completely open if there anything behind the door, such as a wall.  

Backup Battery

Swing door openers operate with electricity, but you can also add a backup battery to your opener. This will allow the door to keep operating even if the power goes out. When purchasing a battery, ask how long it will keep the door operational. For example, you want something that will keep the door open longer than just an hour or so. You do not want anyone that is disabled to get stuck inside your building.

You will be able to manually open and close the handicapped door, however. Contact a company like DOORS FIXED RIGHT, INC. for more information and assistance.